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Opportunities for public and agency participation

There are several ways to participate! We understand that any proposed solution to the region’s transportation needs must address issues and concerns from many stakeholders. Our process includes continuous outreach to engage community members throughout the study.

Engagement opportunities include:

  • Sign up to receive notices of public meetings and study updates by sending an email requesting to be added to the distribution list to:

  • Staying up to date by revisiting our website:

  • Providing input directly onto the project Interactive Comment Map: Submitting a comment or question on the Contact Form

  • Submitting a comment or question through our project email

  • Interacting with project team members at virtual or in-person community meetings at key project milestones in spring 2022 and Summer 2023

  • Collaborating with representatives from the City of Fountain, City of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, Federal Highway Administration, Colorado Department of Transportation, and El Paso County, who sit on the project’s Executive Oversight Team


The El Paso County Virtual Public Open House for the South Powers Extension PEL Study is CLOSED.

The display boards presented at the Open House are still available for reference.  Comments may still be provided to the project team using the comment form below.  

May 2022 Public Meeting Summary

          May/June 2022 Open House Archive Documents:

         Station 1 - Welcome

Station 2 - Process

Station 3 - History

Station 4 - Access Control Plan

Station 5 - Traffic

Station 6 - Crashes

Station 7 - Land Use

Station 8 - Environmental

Station 9 - Next Steps

Station 10 - Comments

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